Dhananjay Bhaskar   (Personal Website)

I am a graduate (M.Sc.) student studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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Online Presentation Creator (2013)
A HTML 5 Web Application

Designed to facilitate creation of health and wellness e-Learning modules for Clinemetrica Inc.

Features :
  • Customized CLEditor for rich text editing in English and French
  • Version control for module creation (save and reload)
  • Finished modules can be viewed in IE 7+
  • User tracking capability to monitor viewing time for each slide
Clinemetrica Inc. Web Interface (2013)
Database Front-end and Data Analysis Tool

Perform queries and view aggregate customer information from the web.

Features :
  • Requests are sent using AJAX and JSON
  • Secure, uses PHP Data Objects (PDO) to process requests
  • Organises information in neat graphs using HighCharts JS
Educational Simulations (2011)
Java Applets and HTML5 Applications

Created educational simulations demonstrating concepts in physics, computer science and mathematics.

The example on the right illustrates Monte Carlo methodology.

Features :
  • Intuitive and interactive
  • Facilitates learning visually
  • Advanced mechanics and electrodynamics simulations created using EJS framework

Estimation of Pi

Number of points : 0

Points inside circle : 0